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Hair Preparation for Curly Cuts


*It is important that we see how your hair lives on your head*


All clients must come with their hair in workable condition. In preparation for your appointment please follow these simple instructions:


  • Curly cuts are done on dry hair. This allows for us to see as much of your natural curl as possible

  • All clients must come with their hair washed, fully detangled, and styled within 24 hours of their appointment. Hair must be down and completely dry. This allows your hair to set naturally

  • Please do not have your hair pulled or pushed back, in a ponytail, braid or in a bun, or wear a hat prior to your appointment. Any kinks can give a false impression of how the natural curl falls

  • Minimal styling products are preferred. Heavy gels, hairsprays or even some oils can make the hair less pliable, therefore taking more time to cut your hair



Following these steps will help to ensure that we will have the time for a proper consultation. If hair requirements are not met, you will automatically be charged a prep work fee of $25 


Please note that if you are looking to make any big changes you must notify us before or when making your appointment so the proper amount of time is scheduled for you. Curly cuts should be maintained every 2-6 months. If your last appointment was more than 6 months ago, you will be charged for a full reshaping curly cut.

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