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Hair Coloring Services 

Custom All Over Single Process Color 

Each color service begins with a consultation and hair analysis. From the roots to the ends, the application of one single color provides a shiny solid tone of any single shade. This service is also great for gray.

Single Process Root Touch-Up

Do you need to touch up your regrowth or want to cover up those grays? A single process root touch-up is a maintenance process that is recommended every 3-6 weeks depending on regrowth.  


Using a semi-permanent color, this service provides shine and cancels out unwanted tones. Glazes are easily customizable and are perfect maintenance for in between highlighting appointments.



Recommended maintenance time 

Root Color Regrowth 3-6 weeks

Glaze/Toner 4-6 weeks





Specialty Highlighting Services 

During your consultation, we work with you to choose the right blonding technique or combination of techniques to create your custom look. 

Balayage ​

Balayage is a french word meaning 'to paint' or 'to sweep'. This technique is used to achieve many different highlighted looks. With Balayage, the lightener or hair color is painted on to create a gradual, natural looking effect from the roots to ends. Balayage is all about creating a beautiful blend of the multi-dimensional color without developing a noticeable root when growing out. 

Color Melt

Melting colors from dark to light creating a natural  look for blondes who want a more natural look for blending. Two or more colors blended are used to create a seamless look. A color melt is an add-on service. 


Much like the color melt, the ombre process blends one color into another. This can be a subtle or dramatic change that moves tints and shades from light to dark .

Root Blend (for highlighted or lightened hair) 

A root blend is used to soften the contrast between the natural hair color at the root area during or between a lightening service. 

Recommended maintenance time

Foil Highlights 10-14 weeks 

Balayage 4-6 months 

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