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Olaplex is a 3 step process that works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds. 

Step 1 - Repairs the broken bonds and rejuvenates the hair

Step 2 - Increases tensile strength and restores elasticity 

Step 3 - Is an at home treatment (not a conditioner) that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving it's look and feel. It restores your hair's healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting hair structure.



Recommended maintenance time

6-8 weeks


Milbon Smooth Treatment

Indulge in ultimate smoothing care. This professional 3-step deep conditioning treatment immediately improves hair’s texture, leaving it silky-smooth and soft. Formulated for fine, normal, and coarse hair, this service is perfect for all hair types. Results last up to 5 weeks.

Step 1- Provides Amino oil which smoothes damaged cuticle layers
Step 2- Infuses moisture
Step 3- Uses a smoothing collagen that seals the treatment in

Step 4- A Weekly Booster take home pack that uses collagen to refresh & prolongs results

Recommended maintenance time

5-6 weeks


Malibu C

Eco friendly - cruelty free - vegan - plant based


Malibu C offers a customized wellness hair care regimen for every hair type. Over 85% of the country is shampooing in hard water, which is packed with minerals and harsh chemicals that wreak major havoc on the hair, scalp, and skin. Hard water mineral build-up on the hair can cause color fading, poor gray coverage, brassy blondes, muddy or ashy hues, hair with little to bounce or  body, it can even make highlights fade or 'disappear' in just a couple of washes after leaving the salon. Malibu C is formulated to help rectify all of these issues and more! Detoxes and defends hair against hard water minerals. Purified hair means that you will get excellent results with color and chemical services.



Recommended maintenance time

6-8 weeks


Alfaparf Beauty Genesis

Featuring 3 different treatments that purify, perfect and enhance the hair

Restructuring Multiplier 

Repairs hair, increasing it's elasticity and strength without weighing it down. 

Nourishment Multiplier 

Gives hair extra nourishment without weighing it down 

Glow Multiplier

Intensifies shine without weighing hair down   


Recommended maintenance time

6-8 weeks


L'Oreal Power Mix Treatments

Instantly transform your hair!

Power Mix is a new intensive personalized treatment selected and prepared before your eyes. With this freshly made treatment, your hair is instantly magnified by a flash of shine and with unparalleled softness.

PowerMix Color

Adds shine and helps to extend the longevity of color treated hair

PowerMix Force

For for fragile prone to breakage

PowerMix Liss

Controls frizz and adds shine to rebellious or curly hair

PowerMix Nutri 

Instantly nourishes dry hair

 PowerMix Repair

Restore damaged hair



Recommended maintenance time

6-8 weeks

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